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New Love

I feel like I’ve learned more about love this week than I have in the last 21 years of my life—and it seems like I’m learning everything the hard way. It’s probably more that I’m learning to apply things I already knew but somehow forgot when it came to putting love into action.

But being that this is a discussion that I don’t want to get into, and seeing as how unresolved so many things in my life are currently, let’s go a slightly different direction. Let’s talk about love in general. What does love mean to you? How does our Western culture shape your personal view of love? (Remember, I’m American. If by some bizarre chance you are reading this and come from a different culture, I’m very much interested in your opinion as well.)

The New Love Project

My friend Daniel just launched the preproduction portion of a documentary called The New Love Project. Besides being excited to see one of my friends move forward with something he’s passionate about, I am genuinely excited to see what he uncovers in his love-related research. I’m also thrilled to get to help promote this project on Facebook (hint, hint: check it out! It’s on Twitter, too!)

The most exciting part of this whole project is that you can get involved, too! That’s right! We’ve all seen your sappy or bitter or whatever kind of loving feeling posts you’ve written or reblogged or retweeted. We know what you dance to when you’re home alone. Ok, I don’t know any of those things, really, but it kind of just comes with the territory of being human and having an internet connection. Anyway, the cool thing is that you can share all your thoughts on the subject of love. The New Love Project website has plenty of prompts that make for great conversations with friends as well. But, uh, well, here. See for yourself. Watch the video. Visit the site. Share the love.


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