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New Love

I feel like I’ve learned more about love this week than I have in the last 21 years of my life—and it seems like I’m learning everything the hard way. It’s probably more that I’m learning to apply things I already knew but somehow forgot when it came to putting love into action.

But being that this is a discussion that I don’t want to get into, and seeing as how unresolved so many things in my life are currently, let’s go a slightly different direction. Let’s talk about love in general. What does love mean to you? How does our Western culture shape your personal view of love? (Remember, I’m American. If by some bizarre chance you are reading this and come from a different culture, I’m very much interested in your opinion as well.)

The New Love Project

My friend Daniel just launched the preproduction portion of a documentary called The New Love Project. Besides being excited to see one of my friends move forward with something he’s passionate about, I am genuinely excited to see what he uncovers in his love-related research. I’m also thrilled to get to help promote this project on Facebook (hint, hint: check it out! It’s on Twitter, too!)

The most exciting part of this whole project is that you can get involved, too! That’s right! We’ve all seen your sappy or bitter or whatever kind of loving feeling posts you’ve written or reblogged or retweeted. We know what you dance to when you’re home alone. Ok, I don’t know any of those things, really, but it kind of just comes with the territory of being human and having an internet connection. Anyway, the cool thing is that you can share all your thoughts on the subject of love. The New Love Project website has plenty of prompts that make for great conversations with friends as well. But, uh, well, here. See for yourself. Watch the video. Visit the site. Share the love.


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I can do that

We can all be creative. See? Here’s a bird’s nest my cousin made.

I’ve never been so creative in my life. I feel like I’m finally getting into the things I really love and making time to explore different aspects of creation. This summer I’ve written posts and journaled and sketched; I’ve designed in Photoshop and InDesign; I’ve read and sang and baked and made playlists and taught myself guitar. I’ve dabbled in both film and digital photography; I’ve even edited a few videos.

I think these few weeks have been a great time of preparation for the coming school year. I’m really looking forward to my senior year, but I want to be sure I make the most of my time left in college. I really want to enjoy my time, to not waste it, and I think taking advantage of my creative talents will make this year my best. [I’ve also been doing some major prep for my screenwriting class in the fall. I’ve still got a very long way to go, though.]

I’m looking forward to continuing to create new things. With the exception of Photo 1 and  Graphic Design 1 in college, I haven’t had an “art” class since seventh grade, so I fell out of the habit of doing random projects for fun. I used to draw maps of worlds I created. I used to draw a lot of things, but I got to the point that I didn’t even doodle in class when I was bored. It’s been really fun for me to explore all sorts of different arts and interests, and I can’t wait to see where this takes me in the future. I’m also excited to have something to do again in less-exciting classes, haha.

I most recently finished a business card design for a friend. My next idea I want to pursue is “fregetables,” whatever that may look like. [A “fregetable” is the combination of a vegetable and a fruit. The word itself, besides being incredibly fun to say, is a sort of inside joke.] I have a few ideas for a Photoshop design.

Then again, I may change my mind. I can do that; I’m a girl.

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Redesigns and Metaphors

I have completely misjudged my audience, and for that, I apologize.

You see, I felt that by making my blog focused on one thing—music—I would be able to reach a larger group of people. The problem with this idea is that while my perspective on music may be interesting to me, it’s not providing anything unique for the majority of the music-loving, Internet-perusing, beautiful people I want to reach. BoumBox and I have so much more to offer you all than ramblings on a playlist. So it’s time for me to rethink BoumBox. The name will stay for sure, but its goal must change. It must grow in purpose, expand in topic somehow without extending itself too far into the vast mysteries of everything; it must be reborn, redesigned, renewed.

I’m kind of here with my life, too. I need to rework my goals, renew my purpose. I need a redesign, of sorts. I have so many ideas and wishes and random quips of humor floating around my head like a bad case of swimmer’s ear, and I feel so disorganized that I want to write it all out and over-analyze everything I’ve ever seen or done. But it would just end up being a waste of time and paper. (Speaking of paper, I made another Photoshop creation. See below.) Still, I’ve got to do something. I need a change and I’m not sure what that will looks like, but it will have to start with me and God I guess.

These past two days have been strange beyond belief for me. But bad days and odd days—and the good ones, too—make me thankful, for where I’ve been and where I’m not and where God will take me next, as scary as that place may seem now. And it’s cool to know I’m not alone, in this feeling or in the process itself.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s next. Until then, here’s something else to think about:

What will people make crafts out of when all the newspapers are digital?

Original photo by Luc De Leeuw

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Sounding Board

I’m trying to get used to working with Adobe software again. This is what I came up with today in Photoshop. I wanted something colorful, and with mustaches, so I deem this a successful attempt at creating today. It’s definitely a step in the right direction for getting back in the swing of things before jumping into Graphic Design II next semester.

My heart keeps pounding, but I'm just a sounding board.

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Camera-induced thoughts

Today I bought a camera at a local vintage store. It was a bit impulsive, but I have two rolls of film that expire in September and it was only $12. I’ve also been very interested in learning more about photography with film rather than my usual dSLR. I want that surprise of seeing how the pictures really turned out at the end of the roll.

My film camera and the first roll of film

If I call this my new-old camera, I’ll probably keep making Scott Pilgrim references the rest of the week. Oh wait, I do that already.

I feel that those surprises can teach us something about life. There I was, carefully selecting subjects for my 27 photos and meticulously lining up the shots, and I have no promise that any of them will even turn out. Last time I took pictures with film—a disposable camera, 2009—I never got to see how a single shot looked because the camera was old and the film, ruined. None of my pictures turned out, and even though I have more hope in this camera, I don’t know that I’ll have better luck this time. My photos may turn out but not be exposed correctly, or they could all be blurry or show scratches from the lens or just not be composed how I had imagined through the viewfinder. I don’t know this camera, what it’s capable of or if it can be trusted. But I put a lot of time into it today, taking pictures and praying they’d turn out.

I like the limit that film provides, though. With 27 pictures available and no retakes, I’m not going to waste time or space on seven consecutive shots of something, trying to get that one perfect picture as I would do on a digital camera, where I have space for nearly 1,000 pictures and can easily erase the six less-than-perfect options. 27 pictures require thought. They require patience, careful selection and attention to details. You have to take your picture-taking slowly, as if to get it right the first time, because there is little room for error; there won’t necessarily be a second time. Sure, you could go back another day if the picture didn’t turn out as you envisioned, but that particular moment would be gone. It would be too late.

Not just that, but my camera can only see so far; only so much can fit into a picture. This tiny box can only do so much. A picture can only tell so much of a story (and not much, at that). I’ve found that the things about my day—about my summer—that I most wish to capture can’t be held in a photograph. The way a moment smells; how my hair falls, blown in the wind; the thrill of the first few notes of a favorite song beginning to play; a good hug from a friend; that feeling inside that makes you want to dance. All fleeting glimpses of something wonderful, all beautiful and inexplicable and not fit for a snapshot. Even my new (old) camera has an uncontainable essence to it. Life can’t be contained. Not in pictures. Not in my words, no matter how much I fancy my writing; it cannot do justice to an experience. We will never contain what we most long to hold onto.

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Hearts for Paper by 53

With all the technology around me, sometimes I just want paper. After all, paper and I go way back—to the days of coloring in the floor, the days when I first learned to write and later to write in cursive, my constant companion for taking notes and making doodles in class. All that being said, I got an iPad last month for my birthday, and it has taken over many of the things I used to do on paper, especially journaling and whatnot.

But at the recommendation of a friend, I downloaded the app Paper by 53. It’s such a beautiful app that it’s actually rekindled my appreciation for drawing. Of course, it’s a paid app, but it was so worth the cost to me that I even bought a few extra drawing tools. It’s helpful because I can make illustrations to go with a post without having to deal with “Paintbrush” (or whatever the Paint knockoff for Macs is called) or acknowledging the fact that I’m too cheap to buy the necessary Adobe products. Here’s something I sketched today just for fun.


It’s also a nice way to plan things out without having to find a pen, because I like to have more flow to my notes than just the straight-down-the-page feeling of Microsoft Word or the Notes app. I’m really interested to see where this program goes and how different people use it.

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