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27 Writers on Whether or Not to Get Your MFA

I know I need to be better about updating this site myself, but I’ve been very busy on other projects (re: writing a script, applying to grad school, and editing for, which you should check out).
I love hearing from authors and seeing glimpses into their crazy lives and personalities; maybe a few of you will also enjoy this read.

And for your information, I’m looking at an MFA in screenwriting. Thoughts?


Now that September is here and school is back in session, a writer’s thoughts turn to the eternal question: Is an MFA worth it? Ever since the publication of the Chad Harbach-edited anthology MFA vs. NYC: The Two Cultures of American Fiction earlier in the year, the perennial neurosis about whether or not an advanced degree in writing is worth it has become a progressively louder conversation. It’s one that we should be having, considering the explosion of the MFA in the past 40 years: from a mere 79 programs in 1979 to 854 today, according to Harbach. The MFA may even be having its moment — after all, the last shot of Girls Season 3 had Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath joyfully looking at her acceptance to Iowa. We checked in with some of our favorite writers from then and now to see what they think of the rise of the MFA.

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