More swimming tickets were released

…and Hillary and I bought two for tomorrow night’s finals! We’re still sort of freaking out. You see, we woke up early this morning to head to Olympic Park to try to buy tickets for the prelims today. Between the huge crowds and the Olympic volunteers forcing you to keep moving forward—even if you don’t know where you’re going—we were glad we arrived with plenty of time to spare. By the time we reached the box office, we had asked at least five different people for directions. But although the box office had signs indicating they only took Visa, which I took as a sign indicating they sold tickets or sold anything at all, we were promptly told that you must purchase tickets online. And although you could purchase the no-show tickets after 30 mins, that purchase also had to be done inside Olympic Park. Which required another ticket simply to get into the park. Which had to be purchased online. Oh, the irony. With Hillary’s limited date plan, we found two tickets available through CoSports, but the website loaded slowly on her phone and the ticket purchase clock kept counting down.

Time for a new plan of action.

So we sprinted, or more of power walked as to avoid alarming mall security, to the nearest beacon of hope and free wifi: the Apple Store. Thankfully Westfield Mall is very close to Olympic Park, so a bit more of our near-sprinting found us in front of an iMac, completing our ticket order as quickly as possible. But these tickets were not for today’s prelim session, no. These are for tomorrow’s finals! We’re getting to see the 50 Free and 200 Breast final races, which are our respective events. This is such an incredible opportunity; I can’t wait for tomorrow evening.


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