I’m looking forward to London

I’m going to London. I’ll be there for the Olympics, with many of my classmates. While I’ve been to Europe twice before, I have never been to the UK, so I’m looking forward to a few things.

  1. The Olympics themselves. Of course. So many talented athletes in one place; so many countries coming together to celebrate their differences and their similarities and so on. I’ve been to plenty of professional sporting events, but never anything like this.
  2. People watching. It should be very interesting.
  3. Men in suits. My roommate told me there’s a bunch of them in England. I’m a fan.
  4. My class. I’ll be getting a lot of great journalism experience while in London through my summer class. It’s going to be awesome.
  5. I won’t have to pack when I get there, because I’ll already be packed! Not to mention that it’s easier to  (I hate packing. I’ve been putting it off as long as possible.)
  6. British culture. I get to experience new things, sightsee, explore the city, meet new people. Not to mention that I really love traveling.
  7. It’s been really hot at home. The London weather will be much cooler. In fact, you might say…

It's cardigan weather


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