Redesigns and Metaphors

I have completely misjudged my audience, and for that, I apologize.

You see, I felt that by making my blog focused on one thing—music—I would be able to reach a larger group of people. The problem with this idea is that while my perspective on music may be interesting to me, it’s not providing anything unique for the majority of the music-loving, Internet-perusing, beautiful people I want to reach. BoumBox and I have so much more to offer you all than ramblings on a playlist. So it’s time for me to rethink BoumBox. The name will stay for sure, but its goal must change. It must grow in purpose, expand in topic somehow without extending itself too far into the vast mysteries of everything; it must be reborn, redesigned, renewed.

I’m kind of here with my life, too. I need to rework my goals, renew my purpose. I need a redesign, of sorts. I have so many ideas and wishes and random quips of humor floating around my head like a bad case of swimmer’s ear, and I feel so disorganized that I want to write it all out and over-analyze everything I’ve ever seen or done. But it would just end up being a waste of time and paper. (Speaking of paper, I made another Photoshop creation. See below.) Still, I’ve got to do something. I need a change and I’m not sure what that will looks like, but it will have to start with me and God I guess.

These past two days have been strange beyond belief for me. But bad days and odd days—and the good ones, too—make me thankful, for where I’ve been and where I’m not and where God will take me next, as scary as that place may seem now. And it’s cool to know I’m not alone, in this feeling or in the process itself.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s next. Until then, here’s something else to think about:

What will people make crafts out of when all the newspapers are digital?

Original photo by Luc De Leeuw


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