Motion City Soundtrack: stop and Go

I’ve been putting off this post for awhile. You see, I love Motion City Soundtrack; I think they have a song or twelve for every feeling. Motion City is very near the top of my “see-in-concert” wish list. But I’m just not impressed with their latest album, Go.

It’s not that I dislike it; it simply doesn’t hold my interest. The Motion City charm is there, and there are a few gems on the album—I doubt any of them would replace my old favorites, though. Go is missing something. Or maybe I’m missing something. Could be both.

Let’s start with what I like. The first single, “True Romance,” is a keeper. It makes me want to sing along, and, with classic Motion City ease, shows wit in its lyrics. All of the songs have clever bits in the lyrics, really; that’s one thing I love about this band. I also love Justin Pierre’s distinctive voice. The voice suits the band’s style very well. But back to the album.

My second pick off the new album is “Bad Ideas.” It’s very honest and has qualities of many of my other favorite Motion City songs. Besides, I relate pretty well to the words; I’m a warehouse of bad ideas myself. Other songs I like include “Floating Down the River,” “Bottom Feeder,” and “Circuits and Wires.” I also fancy “Box Elder,” but I’m not really sure why. I have trouble listening to the song without skipping to the next sometime in the middle.

I feel neutral towards their other single, “Timelines.” It’s not a bad song, but I’m indifferent. I wouldn’t care less about it if it was about the Facebook feature of the same name—it can’t quite catch my interest. I have that problem with most of the other songs on the album, too. I don’t have much to say on them because they didn’t say much to me, which is why I dragged my feet on this post in the first place. Overall, it’s my least favorite album of theirs, but you could argue that it takes time for some albums to sink in. We’ll see.

If you’re planning on buying a Motion City album, pick a different one, but if you’re a long-time fan of the band, you won’t be too disappointed. It’s just not my kind of album, so don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourself.

On a side note, their cover of this Trampled by Turtles song is fantastic.


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