Shuffled Wisdom: Move Me by Shaun Groves

I listen to music in waves. First I’ll want nothing but my iPod, and then I’ll want completely new music and demand only the radio. I’ll listen to only my playlists on Spotify, and then I’ll listen to only newly created playlists through We Are Hunted or MoodAgent or any of the other awesome Spotify apps.

The Sirius satellite radio transmitter in my car

I listen to a lot of satellite radio in my car; more about that in a later post.

This week, I’m doing a little of both—new music at home, but old music while driving. In other words, I put my iPod on shuffle in the car and allowed it to dig up some of my older songs—songs I don’t listen to much these days but used to love enough to keep their place on my iPod. Sometimes, I end up skipping through fifty songs before I find something I can tolerate (it depends on my mood while listening, really.), but sometimes I strike gold. A song will provide exactly the kind of thing I needed to hear at the moment, speaking wisdom into my life or providing comfort or happiness or good memories.

Yesterday, the song was “Move Me” by Shaun Groves. You may not know the song at all, seeing as it was only on the radio in 2001 and really didn’t go much farther than the occasional play on K-Love. But it was one of my favorite songs that year—uplifting and catchy and not overplayed or cliché in my 10-year-old self’s opinion. Give it a listen below.

It really hit home for me with some of the things I’ve been dealing with lately. It’s a sort of prayer that I could definitely use, a perspective I need to better understand, especially with this line. “Use bitter and sweet/to move my frozen feet/far beyond all that holds me down.”

That’s my challenge, for me, but for you if you want as well. Let yourself be moved. Moved by music, moved by God, moved past what is keeping you at this place, no matter how comfortable this place you’ve been holding onto so tightly might have once seemed. Move.


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