Hearts for Paper by 53

With all the technology around me, sometimes I just want paper. After all, paper and I go way back—to the days of coloring in the floor, the days when I first learned to write and later to write in cursive, my constant companion for taking notes and making doodles in class. All that being said, I got an iPad last month for my birthday, and it has taken over many of the things I used to do on paper, especially journaling and whatnot.

But at the recommendation of a friend, I downloaded the app Paper by 53. It’s such a beautiful app that it’s actually rekindled my appreciation for drawing. Of course, it’s a paid app, but it was so worth the cost to me that I even bought a few extra drawing tools. It’s helpful because I can make illustrations to go with a post without having to deal with “Paintbrush” (or whatever the Paint knockoff for Macs is called) or acknowledging the fact that I’m too cheap to buy the necessary Adobe products. Here’s something I sketched today just for fun.


It’s also a nice way to plan things out without having to find a pen, because I like to have more flow to my notes than just the straight-down-the-page feeling of Microsoft Word or the Notes app. I’m really interested to see where this program goes and how different people use it.


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