“Friday” Favorites: 4 great things about The Killers

Of my top five favorite bands, I’ve seen three in concert: Relient K, Jack’s Mannequin, and the Killers. The Killers’ show was certainly the most, er, extravagant of the three, namely because Relient K was not the headlining band and Jack’s Mannequin was limited by the small space at Headliners. Whatever the reason, I’m starting with why The Killers have been one of my favorites since I got their first album, Hot Fuss, for Christmas several years ago. Here we go:

Stage from the Killers' concert in 2009

I saw the Killers in Indiana in 2009. Not only did “All These Things That I’ve Done” have awesome effects, it was the encore, and it was beautiful.

1. Their albums’ listenability
Hot Fuss, Sam’s Town, Sawdust, and Day & Age are all the kind of albums you can listen to all the way through. Because each album is full of good songs—not all of them will become instant favorites, but they definitely grow on you—the albums are great for driving because of their generally upbeat tempo and how well the songs flow together.

2. Intro to alt. rock
For me, the Killers mark the beginning of something new: my own musical journey. My dad made sure that I was exposed to a variety of musical genres from an early age, so I was exposed to many different bands and sounds. My introduction to the Killers was  during one of my many “musical education” moments listening to the radio with my dad, but it didn’t stop there. They mark one of the first bands I began to explore on my own; I asked for the album having listened to only two songs previously but knowing desperately that I wanted to hear more. They were a great place to start developing my own musical tastes.

3. “Romeo and Juliet”
Because of my aforementioned musical education, I was familiar with Dire Straits far before the Killers, and I had always enjoyed their song “Romeo and Juliet.” When I found out much later that the Killers recorded a cover, I was skeptical, but they actually did a very good job with it. While it’s on their album Sawdust, I’m told the song is not available in the U.S. on Spotify, but give it a listen on YouTube anyway.

4. Really, ridiculously good songs
Call me biased, but the Killers’ good songs are really good songs.  Top quality. They’re good stuff! Fine, listen for yourself. Here are some of my favorite songs by the Killers. (“All These Things That I’ve Done” is one of my favorite songs, period.)


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