Until Death Do We Party? Those are real lyrics?

Me with paint all over my clothes after a dance

Me, post-“Finale,” a dance party hosted by my university earlier this semester. So much fun; so much paint.

I love dance music, and I love to dance. I’m afraid I might literally never get enough of the Wobble, and I don’t even know why. It’s just so fun to dance to.

But lately I’ve been listening to a lot of dance music. This is probably bad for my driving because it makes me feel invincible, but hey—I am 21 now. (Something Corporate reference, anyone? Never mind.)

Anyway, as I’ve been listening to more dance music again, I’ve found that there are some songs I really like, and some that I really don’t get at all. Like Wynter Gordon’s “Til Death.”

But I guess dance music is a lot like pop music in that aspect. It’s not really about meaning so much as about relieving stress and making you happy. Sure, there’s meaning behind (most) songs, but there’s also fun, and energy, and a good rhythm that you can dance to.

And no, I’m not a big fan of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” But I have taken the liberty of pooling all the music related to my post into a Spotify playlist: BoumBox May 2012.

Oh, and here’a a free (and legal) download of more dance music! My friends in the band Novas Effect have a pretty sweet remix of Nero’s “Promises,” which can be heard along with a few other killer remixes here.



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2 responses to “Until Death Do We Party? Those are real lyrics?

  1. Thank you! I have listened to EDM (electronic dance music) since 1997, so if you ever need suggestions, give me a shout.

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