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Carry On

hand-drawn raincloud

There are a lot of songs about raining. Just saying.

Music has always been my go-to form of media. Feeling lonely? Make a playlist. Want to dance? Make a playlist. Trying to sleep on a bus? I have a playlist for that too.

When others may default to watching tv or browsing the internet (and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!), I switch on my iPhone or open Spotify. Lately, I’ve even been teaching myself to play guitar… It’s a slow process, but it’s a great cure for boredom or really any emotion.

That’s why when life gets difficult, I know where to start. I turn on some music and I pray. Maybe I’ll write while I listen, or maybe I’ll just listen. I’ve found that music helps me think, helps me feel better, helps me understand or accept. Things have been tough lately, and I don’t have all the answers, but I have hope and a playlist and a call to wait and see what good is to come.

So if you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone—Carry On.

[Also, feel free to check out my most recent Spotify playlist here: Birds of a Feather (Pillow Talk).]


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