Party Box

I entered college as a journalism major because I liked to write. Soon after, I realized the joys of writing features. I hoped to one day write about music, perhaps concert reviews or band interviews. I came up with the idea of BoumBox, intended to be a magazine combining two of my interests: music, and French culture. After all, boum is French for a dance party, and I do love a good play on words.

Then it hit me. Why not start writing about the media I love now, without deadlines and without pay? If nothing else I’ll find out if I really do enjoy the topic, but I hope to find out more.

So here it is, my BoumBox, just waiting to be filled with musings on movies and music and books. So tune back in soon.

– Courtney

Courtney with a mustache drawn on her finger

Welcome to BoumBox! Grab a pen, draw a mustache, and party on.


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